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As we know, meditation can be done anywhere at any time. You don’t have to create a special spot to find peace and balance; however, if you have space in your home, why not carve out a designated area to tap into your zen?

Here are some recommendations to create the perfect meditation space.

1. Location, location, location.

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room at home, this could be the ideal space.

If not, find a location in your home that feels comfortable. This may be an area with windows, a small corner of your office, a tiny area in your living room or bedroom, or if you enjoy hearing the sounds of birds, take your meditation outside in a quiet nature spot.

2. Decorate the space.

Make sure your space is clutter-free, clean, and reflects your personal style. I enjoy candles, images of people I love, crystals, and flowers. Bring items into the space that are inspirational and that make you feel good.

Some of my friends change the color of their rooms and place beautiful paintings on the walls. Harness your inner decorator and make it uniquely you.

3. Build a comfy seat.

Meditating on the floor can sometimes be uncomfortable. I suggest using pillows, blankets, or purchase a meditation pillow (with or without a backrest). You can also use a chair if you prefer not to sit on the floor. Make sure whatever tools you use are comfortable and help you maintain a sense of ease.

4. Make it sacred.

Meditation is your time to release stress, find serenity, and connect to your true self. By establishing this as your sacred time, you are honoring the true essence of the practice.

If you have family or roommates, let them know this is your personal space and time. Ask them to respect your area and the time you are meditating. Who knows, they may even decide to join you. Also, place your cell phone on do not disturb.

If it helps, play music, light candles, burn incense, journal, chant, sing, read passages, or even make some affirming statements to set the tone.

Remember, meditation is your special time of the day. Utilize all or some of these tips to make your meditation area a peaceful to pause and breath.

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