Now that we are half way through 2021, our minds are still projecting an assortment of thoughts. How will this year play out? Will I accomplish my goals? What do I desire, and how will I get there? The fascinating part is this time last year your mind was probably filled with some of the same questions, and coated with your deepest hopes and dreams. Yet, it was also filled with a hugs amount of fear.

As brilliant creatures, we somehow manage to hold back from actively engaging in life due to our fear of the unknown. The uncertainty keeps us from diving into the deep end, and traps us in the dream state filtered with shades of self-doubt.

PAUSE…Take a deep inhale and slowly exhale.

You are not alone, I also feel this way in my dark hours. I also know the thrill of LIFE is about leaning over the edge with an open heart. So I encourage you to fall in, surrender and trust the actions, steps, and choices you make are being held by universal power nestled in your heart. For the divine spirit that lives within you is greater and more vibrant than fear.

To support you in releasing uncertainty, here’s a meditation inspired by my Meditation Journal. Find a quiet spot, grab a pen and paper, take a few long deep breaths, and feel your heart pulsate with love.




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