I’ve always been adventurous, taken risks, and definitely jumped head first into uncertainty. However, I’ve also experienced butterflies while looking over a four-story balcony or during takeoff on a plane. Many years ago I realized this feeling was less about motion sickness, but more about a lack of control.

Releasing control is a fascinating concept. It requires purposeful intention to let go. As we let go, the element of trust requires us to surrender to what is. Surrendering is connected to a belief that all is well, and everything will work out in divine order. As a way to release control, I decided to take the ultimate leap of faith, and engage in an epic expression of venturing out. I ventured out and went skydiving 1-year ago.

One of my dear friends shared that she had taken multiple tandem jumps with her boyfriend who owned a skydiving business. Fortunately, I was comfortable with him, and there was a level of comfort that gave me the confidence to jump.

Filled with anxiety, I was truly terrified while also bursting with excitement. Such a weird blend of emotions erupted in my body. As the plane took off and while he was tightening and triple checking hooks and locks, all I wanted to do was scream. At the perfect moment, he looked at me and said, “You got this Faith, we will be safe on the ground in minutes.” I took a deep breath, floated my legs over the side of the plane and felt the intensity of the wind pulling me in the currents. He counted to 2 and on 3 we jumped. My eyes were closed for the first 10 seconds, but then I opened them to the most amazing view I’ve ever seen in my life.

As we drifted slowly to earth, all I could think about was the beauty of this great earth and how amazing it feels to FLY!



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Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter

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