Everything around and within is energy. From the moment we are born, the physical and metaphysical energy within us shifts, transforms, evolves and can sometimes become trapped. Ancient Egyptians did not distinguish between the physical and metaphysical. All is equal and holds a sacred purpose in our existence. Our physical energy moves at a slower pace, which in turns creates solid matter. On the other hand, metaphysical energy, or as I like to call it spirit energy, vibrates at a higher speed.

I know you are wondering, what does this have to do with Womb Clearing. Well, our Womb (the space above the pubic bone and below the navel) is called the Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra. When this realm is happy, our reproductive organs and sex hormones are balanced, we have the ability to move with fluidly because it is connected to the element of water. It governs creation, creativity, the sacred place of feeling, emotion, pleasure, intimacy and connection to ourselves and others.

I often share with my students that this area holds the stories (not IG or Snapchat stories), but the personal stories of emotional and physical trauma. These energetic stories hold us hostage and generate guilt, fear, shame, and blame. When we are caught in the muck of these sensations, the vibrations are low. But when the sacral chakra is blossoming, we blossom passionately with grace, ease and rejoice in personal acceptance.

It doesn’t matter your cultural or spiritual belief, this area of the body also honors, the feminine energy of Divine Creation. Yes, our reproductive organs rest in this area, but I am specifically thinking more along the lines of embracing feminine power. Don’t get me wrong, we all have to harness our feminine and masculine energy, but this is our seat of Yoni devotion or as I playful call, my “Vagina Warrior.”

This morning I did a 45-minute chakra healing meditation, where I nourished my energy from the root to the crown. During this time, I focused on my Womb with an emphasis on clearing the stories that hold negative sensations. To support the mindfulness awareness and the mantra Vam, I also used two crystals to magnify the process.

I used the Selenite crystal as a way to plug into my divine Womb Wisdom. Not only is this crystal associated with the moon, but it also provides mental clarity, quality decision making, and eliminates mental distractions. In addition, I harnessed the grounding and protecting aspects of the Smokey Quartz. This beauty helps us to overcome negative emotions, stress, fear, and anger. Basically, it transforms negative energy to positive while cleansing our aura. During the meditation, it generated an astral feeling of awakening. As a side note, both of these stones rest on my nightstand.

On a very personal note, this clearing stems from Thanksgiving Day when I made the choice to practice celibacy. The practice of celibacy was to make space so I could listen and truly be guided by my WOMB. I’ve practiced celibacy more than once in my life, and each time I was motivated by different reasons. Based on where I am in my life, personal teachings, and a rippling of events, I was inspired to use the next 21 days as a spiritual journey.

On Thanksgiving Day I taught class and returned home. At that time I sagged my apartment and my body. Within 2 days my moon cycle appeared, and my apartment became my “red tent.” For those few days, I only ventured a few blocks from home, which included teaching and practicing at my yoga studio. The fascinating part is that on Tuesday, November, 29, the universe developed a room full of women to my evening Flow+Yin practice. Since I was in the space of strengthening my Vagina Warrior, I shared a Womb Practice that was purely guided by my Womb. The pulsating forces on the room were spiritually charged and nurturing.

Each morning I place my hands in an inverted triangle above my sacral space while I meditate and listen. This morning my Womb wanted a chakra healing. The lovely part is that it is 14 days after making a choice to practice celibacy. Before going to bed last night I had no idea this would take place. This Womb Clearing gave me the opportunity to feel, acknowledge and release harmful energy attached to my sacred lotus. While at the same time, I celebrated and honored the beauty of my feminine bowl of creation.

As I opened my eyes and removed the crystals, the Smokey Quartz was warm, my womb felt light, and my soul felt free. As a result, I had to share this personal journey of the womb.



Author | Global Wellness Expert | Meditation | Energetic Healing | Yoga Expert for Beachbody and iFit | faithhunter.com

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Faith Hunter

Author | Global Wellness Expert | Meditation | Energetic Healing | Yoga Expert for Beachbody and iFit | faithhunter.com